Ladies & GentleWomen

by Donna Barlow

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    Jewel case with clear tray. 2-Panel cover and 2-panel traycard. Artwork by Shelly "The Artist" Hollis

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Facets of THIS artist are clearly seen from the Devé (Singer), to the back up singers [Donnalita (l), Chillz (m), and Naturella (r)],

TO THE BAND (Di-electresha (lead guitar), VT (red bass), Bivvy (keys), Dette (drummer). SHE....IS.... Everyone of them. They are not personalities. But rather, representations of her life's timeline.


released November 13, 2015

Producer for Ladies and Exceptional Liberal Dean Bates
Co-Producers for Notice Keven Stevenson and Donna Barlow
Producer for The Pocket Classic Beats (spelling)

Co-Writers for Ladies Donna Barlow and Dean Bates
Writer for Exceptional Liberal, Notice, and The Pocket Donna Barlow

Recording Engineer for Ladies and Exceptional Liberal Dean Bates
Recording Engineer for Notice and The Pocket Donna Barlow

Mixing & Mastering Engineer Dean Bates

Photographer & Designer Shelly “The Artist” Hollis of AVIOM

Hair/Makeup/Wardrobe Donna Barlow

Special thanks to Target Department Store

Barlow Music Productions 2015



all rights reserved


Donna Barlow Stockton, California

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Track Name: Ladies (Hie Heelz)
Yeah, Slide it on in, On the sides I can feel it’s tight just a little bit What color to wear, Gotta get the one that compliment my MoFo outfit 15 of us girls, but we never seem to all get together in the same night Wearing diamonds and pearls, coils and curls But it ain’t going down until our kicks bite*I’ll be out on the floor dancin’ to myself Always in the mirror, They call me duracell They can sit down while I do what I do They can sit down, But o oh*I’d rather let it go if this means you won’t get on the floor Cause that’s why I’m wearin’ these high heel shoes You better get on up*Don’t know what to do, But I have to do something sexy when I’m OUT in it The guys all say, “I like whatcha doing out on the dance floor” If they only knew the type of woman that I am, more than just glamorous I get what I want, with my red bottoms on, and tonight is about kickin’ it with my girls*LADIES, putcha cups up if you feel me, With my high heels is where I wanna be If you’re a strong man, you can step to me, It’s happenin’ in this city*CHORUS* CHORUS*Don’t waste my time if you don’t wanna dance But it seems to me that you wanna take a chance Hanging with my girlfriends, always on the weekend Aint nothing but a party, you know that you can feel it*CHORUS*CHORUS*CHORUS* EVERYBODY SING Yeah
Track Name: Exceptional Liberal
½ I’ma draw this one in your face I’m gonna strike out something for you That what we have can never be replaced I realize I have real eyes to see all the good you do* Tall, dark, and strong I can see it with all my eyes My thoughts seem to overwhelm me blind If I really did would I be able to leave it behind Then the water start coming out of my eyes Rollin down my face leaves a dried stain I always remove* ½ + I’ma draw this one in the air for you I love you, yeah May I call’im an EXCEPTIONAL LIBERAL on nearly every aspect of life*From the other side of town on a cellular phone You dialed my number and I’m already home Just thinking about how long you’ve been gone Didn’t seem like you were coming back anytime soon But now you’re here And I don’t think i’ll let you go this time*Whole Chorus*Keepin’ you right here with me And even though we ended up apart from each other We’re together tonight*You know, you know, you know…. You know, you know, you know….. You know, you know, you know…..You know, you know, you know I had a crush on you, you had a crush on me*CHORUS
Track Name: Notice (..Hood)
Never been one to scream nor one to take things to the extreme But I’ve been told not to feel yet I find that I will be still feeling what I should So listen to me now it’s a matter of who what when and where and how (So many) medical bills (Given) history sleeping pills And anything that won’t do no good*NOTICE something in your selfhood NOTICE anything in your househood Don’t NOTICE nothing in you brotherhood NOTICE everything in the planethood*What does it matter if we know what we know Nothing can be done because it’s been so long ago Too many stages and too many changes They keep convincing us that we are all strangers, but please Take a look at what we’re hooked on or voluntarily cooked on or laboratory booked on EMF all about can’t escape the route unless we have a world wide black out Good riddance what goes on down here is hidden at a glance this activity has longevity Been rocked to sleep for so many years get out of your bed of tears*Chorus*Can you see it’s right there I can see that you don’t care enough to NOTICE it But I’ma take a look* Sometimes I feel numb and some pretend not to know what’s been done Just take a good long look you can see it all around We need to open our eyes to everything simult w/-> What is this I feel, give me something to numb it, can anybody else see what I see We need to open our eyes --In your selfhood your househood your brotherhood in your planethood*Chorus…..
Track Name: The Pocket
Hooooh, How did I get from the arms to THE POCKET I should be ashamed of my self, but I don’t know if I want to be outta pocket, b b b b be outta pocket ohoh be outta pocket b b b b be outta pocket*Oh oh, I can see you any day And I can spot you from far away*If I didn’t do the things you do Say the things you say Go the places you go Would you turn and walk away turn and walk away Things didn’t work the way we planned it no But somehow I got into THE POCKET * THE POCKET (12Xs)*PrePreChorus* Sound so wrong but I’m here in THE POCKET I keep on tellin’ myself, get out! But I’m so laid back right here in the pocket, why should I get out?*oh oh oh oh oh ohohohoh ohohohoh w/ -> *PreChorus* Oooooooooooh The relation he was the one who broke it off to begin with I can’t get far with the tugging behind me always pulling on my pocket, pulling on my pocket Baby don’t a break a socket, getting me out your pocket, ha*Chorus*PreChorus